Writing till Dawn

My way to become a published English author. I will share my experience, writing tips and useful links with you.

Entry #2: Tools I use to write in English

   Every writer has his/her tools especially when it comes to write in a foreign language. It took me years to learn how to create stories in English and to improve it. I will tell in the next blog entry how I practised it, but today’s topic is basically about the websites and books I use during the writing and editing process of my novels.




This is the online dictionary I probably use most of the time. When you don’t know a word you can just look it up there, but only for following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Polish.


Very helpful when you need word translations in unusual EU languages such as Latin, Japanese and many more.


To avoid the problem of always writing down the same words, search for synonyms on this website.


Very useful to look up for idioms, collocations, phrasal verbs and word meaning in various contexts.


It helps you find out how you can use a word in various contexts.


When you’re in need for colloquial words, slang or a more vulgar language, this website may provide you with the expressions you’re looking for.



And pigs might fly. Bildhaft sprechen mit 250 englischen Redewendungen. Langenscheidt, 2018 München,


William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White: The Elements of Style, Pearson, 2000, 978-0-205-30902-3


   Of course, there are loads of other websites and books I could have chosen, but all of them proved to be of great use for me.

   I hope they help you as much as they did for me.


   Have a lovely day!