Writing till Dawn

My way to become a published English author. I will share my experience, writing tips and useful links with you.

Entry #4: When your English is too bad to get your novel published. . .

This refers to every non-native English writer: You’ve spent more than two years, writing your 80.000-word novel and you’ve already edited it five times. Beta-readers went through it and all. Now, you think it is ready to look for an agent’s representation, but . . . you’re not!

The story is good, but your grammar sucks. The sentence structure is all wrong. The words are always the same. Atmospheric descriptions are completely missing. And tension . . . yes, tension is rather difficult to create when you’re not native English. Words can have so many different meanings that you – as an English-as-a-second-language writer – are not able to grasp all of them.

Still, this doesn’t mean to give up so quickly. Not at all as there are various ways to improve your English. I’ve found this blog entry “100 ways to learn English” quite useful. It gave me new motivation and showed me that it could still be possible to write an accurate English text without being native English. Take a look at this blog entry and decide for yourself if it helped you or not.

Never give up your dreams and stay cool!