The Devil's Succubus


Kali is a half-blood - half fire demon, half shadow - and has been forced to live in the Devil's dominion since she was born. She just finished school in Hell where she learnt how to defend herself against demon hunters and how to make a contract with humans, but many other things too. Now she gets to know with her tutor with whom she can go hunting demon hunters for the first time, but at the same time, life becomes more difficult and she gets into trouble...

Genre: Paranormal, Dark Fantasy, Thriller, Romance

In English and in progress. My goal is to finish the first draft until the 30th November 2017. I'll need this time, because this is a side project and I only write 200 to 500 words a day. Additionally, it takes me more time to write in English than in German, but I give my best to be accurate and as good as I can.

© Juno Stevens. All rights reserved.

Cover: Grady Earls