Born in 1995, I grew up in Switzerland and still live there. I graduated High School in 2014 with the major subject in Latin. A year later, I started studying English and film studies at the University of Zurich but left a few months later to find a new way to reach my goals. In summer 2018, I successfully finished my apprenticeship as a bookseller. Now I enjoy working part-time, being responsible for the sections fantasy, science fiction, manga and comic in a bookshop in Zurich.

Since I was 13 years old, it had always been my dream to become an author and publish a book someday. However, I reached this goal in August 2016, when I self-published my first fantasy novel called Wolfblut Chroniken 1 – Das Vermächtnis des Königs (only available in German). The second novel of the Wolfblut Chroniken-series was published in July 2017 (also only in German).

My third novel The Devil’s Succubus is still in progress and entirely different from the other two fantasy novels I’ve written. First of all, it’s in English and took me about two years to write and one year to edit. The other thing is that I’d like to publish it traditionally. I’ve already sent query letters to literary agents and got four rejections so far.

I was slightly older when I began making cosplays. In December 2014, after three months abroad, I started my first project: Young Link from The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time.